Upholstery Cleaning and Maintenance
Like carpets, regular vacuuming helps prolong the appearance of your furniture. Many fabrics can be permanently altered by shrinking, bleeding or distorting if cleaned improperly. Some are safe to clean yourself. Do you want to take the risk?
I have been professionally trained to clean upholstery.

Upholstery often never gets cleaned because I’m usually told “ No one ever uses it.” An “unused” 10 year old sofa in your living room is definitely dirty! If you have ever washed a painted wall that’s never been touched, you will know that the wash water is filthy! This is a non-porous vertical surface. A porous horizontal fabric is going to be holding much more grime than a painted wall.

All the pollution, hydrocarbons, cooking oils, and natural gas residue from your furnace that floats in the air, stick to all surfaces they contact. Some of these contaminates oxidize the dyes in fabrics permanently causing them to change, as well as make them look dull because they are soiling the fabrics.
Maintain the fabrics beauty by regularly cleaning them.

Incidentally, avoiding direct sunlight will also help prevent color loss.


“Alberta Rug has been our go to carpet cleaning company for over 10 years.They are professional in all aspects of running a business and looking after the customer remains a priority.”
Jeff Lacasse, The Carpet Store

"Reid McCord knows his stuff and knows how to clean different types of fibres. He always shows up on time or early and his prices are reasonable."
Diane Schmidt, Remax Real Estate

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