Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance
Texture loss is permanent! How can you avoid this?
Most Important - VACUUM! You can never vacuum too much! If you don’t have time to vacuum thoroughly, make sure you vacuum the traffic areas and stairs. I believe the typical carpet gets vacuumed only a couple times a month! This is inadequate.
Inadequate maintenance will cause permanent texture loss.

With weekly vacuuming, you can usually get away with annual carpet cleaning. More frequent cleaning may be required for the toughest used areas in your home - stairs, halls, pet use areas, TV rooms, etc.
I will do partial cleans!

Wear indoor shoes (without black rubber or tanned leather soles). Perspiration and body oils from socks and bare feet build up on your carpets and soil accumulates exponentially as dirt sticks to the oils and perspiration. You cannot vacuum off perspiration and body oils.
Hot water extraction, ‘steam cleaning’, is required to remove them and the soil.

If you keep your carpets clean and vacuum regularly (manufactures recommend daily in traffic areas), you will avoid texture loss for many years.
Permanent texture loss happens almost immediately without maintenance.


“Alberta Rug has been our go to carpet cleaning company for over 10 years.They are professional in all aspects of running a business and looking after the customer remains a priority.”
Jeff Lacasse, The Carpet Store

"Reid McCord knows his stuff and knows how to clean different types of fibres. He always shows up on time or early and his prices are reasonable."
Diane Schmidt, Remax Real Estate

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